Dear All,

First of all, my very best wishes for


I would like to take this opportunity to say a really big “Thank You” for the constant support and joyful presence in my classes. I really appreciate it! It’s like a weekly hug for me and I receive so much joy from this that words cannot express. I love my job and I feel very blessed to be able to do it every day, sharing it with the best bunch of people I could possibly only hope for. Every lesson I feel I get so much back and the good vibes in the room are my favourite energy.

At this time of the year is quite normal to reflect on your personal achievements, on family blessings and contemplate our position in life. I know I’ve probably been boring many of you with my views on how blessed we are, for the country we live in, for the times we live in, for the people in our lives and the freedom of movement, speech and self-expression. I know we all have busy lives and very often feel pulled in every direction. But if we just manage to stop and breathe for a few minutes and look above the clouds, we can all agree that we have a beautiful blue sky above us. That is what I try to focus on.

I am not perfect, far from it! I eat meat (not often but I do like a burger!) and fish. I am a bad yogini which, I promise, is a rare breed! Excuse the pun. I need a little square of chocolate everyday. I get annoyed with my husband and my children and I do not sing happily as I set about the household chores. And I definitely do not have positive thoughts in front of the ironing pile… …except when is done! I probably spend too much money on clothes… then I worry about the news, about the future for my children, about the possibility of war, about pollution, greed, envy… on how much hate and fear runs on the street.

Then I stop and breathe. Although everyday may not be good, I know there’s something good in every day. I think of what I have at this moment, how I feel right now and I realise how lucky I am, how fortunate and blessed my life has been so far. And so I see the blue sky above me again. Over the clouds, past the rain. I give myself the chance to start again, accepting who I am now and what I can improve compared to the person I was yesterday.

This Christmas I want to make somebody else happy and help them feel blessed, even if only for a moment. To believe in something good, giving hope that things will improve. So instead of Christmas cards, I am filling a box for the Royston Food Bank. It wasn’t my idea, I borrowed it from a yoga client and I am so grateful for the suggestion. It has given me an extra reason to celebrate the advent. With my family we are doing a GIVING advent calendar and every day we put something in a box. It will remind me to be grateful for what we have and hopefully help someone else in need this Christmas .

If you are interested this is the web link:



Now back to business:

Classes Time table:

21st Dec. DanceMob/Xmas Party 7.30pm at ESSE

22nd Dec. Yoga 9.15am at Esse,

Guilden Morden Village Hall: YOGA Beginners 18.45/ Yoga Intermediate 20.00

23rd Dec. Yoga 8.00am at Esse


Classes will resume the 6th of January 2016


Buon Natale!

Giorgia Alliott

“Be stronger than your excuses”